Guide to NJBL Virtual Clubs on BBO

 The COVID-19 pandemic has reduced our competitive bridge options to one: play on BBO. Within the BBO universe, one can choose to play in virtual club games. These games are more expensive than other games on BBO, but less expensive than playing in a real life club used to be. The additional charge goes to the club owners. You'll be more likely to play against players you know and with directors you know than if you play in the big ACBL games. Also, you'll earn pigmented points, usually black, but silver during special weeks that may cost an extra dollar.

  In order to choose a particular virtual club game, one must be preregistered as a member of that club. One cannot just browse through the available virtual club games. Unless one is preregistered in a specific virtual club, that virtual club is invisible.  NJBL members may register as members of any or all of the clubs listed below. You'll need to provide your ACBL number and your BBO login ID in your email message to the virtual club contact.

 The following is an attempt to list the NJBL virtual clubs now operating on BBO and the information needed to register to play in them, Please contact me with corrections and additions.

BBO identifier NJBL Clubs included   email contact to register Schedule Price (BBO$)
Alliance Essex, Deal See $7-8
PBC/BCCNJ BCCNJ, Princeton Bridge Center Open:12:30pm M
499er: 12:25 T, Th, Sa
SAB-Summit Shadowfax, Summit, Canoe Brook, Short Hills, Interclub, Murray Hill Open games: 12:45 pm all week plus 9:30 am W and 7pm Th
499er: 12:35 all week plus 6:45 pm Th
Shrine-JBC Shrine, Jersey Bridge, Monroe, Montclair, Bay Head, Spring Lake, Denville, Rumson, Little Silver, SETU,
Stafford, Toms River, Scotch Plains or
Open games: 3pm all week
299er: 2:45pm all week
Atlantic Atlantic, Freehold, Four Seasons, Toms River, LVW, Stafford Open games 10:45 every day except Sunday  
Two Rivers, Queen of Hearts, Seabright, Rumson 499er Friday morning and Tuesday afternoon